We put all of our guarantees in writing and we DO NOT have any one-sided profit padding terms in our agreements. In fact, if at any point we are not doing the job you hired us to do you can fire us and work with someone else. We know what you hired us to do, you’re the boss and it’s our job to keep your equipment running, answer your questions, and support your office solution needs.

Here are some of the things that put us ahead of the pack.

  • Guaranteed 4 Hour Response Time: If we miss it, you get a 10% Service Credit. (This has only been paid out three times out of hundreds of service calls in the past 6 years)
  • Equipment Performance Guarantee: If a device can not be fixed we replace it on our dime not yours. (Only had to do this once in the last 6 years)
  • Lease & Service Rate Lock: We DO NOT start you with a low teaser rate and increase it automatically year over year.
  • No Minimum Service Volumes or Overage Penalties: We have a very simply “Pay-for-Use” philosophy. With DiMAX you will only pay for what you have used after you’ve used it and nothing more.
  • No Automatic Renewals: Our lease or service agreements DO NOT automatically renew. When they are done, they are truly done.
  • Fair Finance Options: Our lease programs are straight forward, no hidden fees or up charges. We also have a capped end-of-lease residual calculated before you sign the lease documents. All the equipment is picked up by us at the end of the lease at no charge. No tricky and expensive Cost-Per-Page programs.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The best part is that the benefits above are our every day practice for every customer. Will a competitor match our Customer-centric offer? Well maybe, but if it is not their normal practice who will make sure it stays straight, constantly monitoring rates to detect increases, and remember that they made special concessions in the terms at the end of a contract or renewal time?

Most everyone agrees that it is easier and in their best interest to work with a company that is straight forward and doesn’t have to make any changes to a contract to treat you in a fair and ethical manner.

Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business!