DiMAX works closely with a reputable, well-respected IT service provider. If you need IT services and are unsure how to proceed, let us introduce you to our trusted TechMAX IT partner.

We can also work with your established IT service provider. DiMAX’s expertise is in copiers, printers, and related services. Most IT service providers recommend products based on brand and initial cost, without considering the long-term financial impact on your business. Here’s where a TechMAX partnership is valuable: We understand the full-cost impact of printer devices from all manufacturers. We’ll help your IT provider help you select an appropriate unit.

Wonder how TechMAX works? Here’s a case study in how we helped a local IT provider save their customer more than $30,000:

The IT firm had a manufacturing customer that needed to update an HP printer in its shipping department. The printer is mission critical - if it doesn’t print, the manufacturer doesn’t ship its products.

The printer isn’t notably high volume, producing about 8,000 pages per month. The IT provider recommended a $399 printer to stay under the customer’s $500 spending limit. A purchase over $500 would need approval from higher-ups within the company.

Luckily, one of those higher-ups saw an IT representative carrying in the printer and asked him about it. Hearing his answer, the Higher-Up mentioned that the company was working with DiMAX to analyze usage and costs, with a goal of developing a print strategy to reduce expenses.

DiMAX and the local IT rep together reviewed the needs for the shipping department. What the IT rep didn’t know is that we had been monitoring and tracking every cost element associated with document printing. Within minutes we ran reports and determined the monthly volume, toner usage, average number of pages per job, and frequent users of the device. We also noticed another printer in the receiving area that was less than 2 feet away.

After carefully reviewing the operational cost data for the printer, we determined that a printer one level above it, from the same brand, would be far less expensive over a 5-year lifecycle. We also determined the new device would support the volume of the printer 2 feet away, and that we could separate the print jobs by adding a second output tray. Finally we found a lower-volume, higher-cost printer in the accounting department that was having reliability issues, and redeployed the receiving department printer with a lower operating cost to accounting.

The new printer cost $899 and had an ROI of less than 2 months. This was a win for the customer, DiMAX, and the IT rep. In fact he was so impressed that he joined the TechMAX team of partners. DiMAX works with his other customers when they need replacement printers.