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When you compare copier dealers what do you find? You get the same tough contract terms, similar equipment, and hungry commission sales people.

DiMAX customers’ have found a better way! Why pay for copies you don’t make?

Do you really want to be charged an annual rate increase or for hidden fees?

Stop paying for services you don’t use!

Yes, you can get great service on the latest technology without paying 30% to 50% higher lease & service rates.

If you haven’t experienced the “DiMAX Difference” you’re probably spending thousands of extra dollars on your office copiers and laser printers.

We provide unparalleled sales and service for business copiers, MFP’s, and laser printer technology.

We proudly serve: Madison WI, Janesville WI, Milwaukee WI, Rockford, IL and surrounding areas. We can even arrange service and support Nationwide on any make and model Copier, MFP, or Laser Printer.

If your company is looking to reduce unnecessary spending, your office copiers and printers is the perfect place to start. Color copiers can be extremely costly if there not managed and the cost of using color laser printers is commonly underestimated.

We are always happy to stop by your business and find out how we may help.

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Managed Print Services

When printing is costing you an incredible amount and it’s hard to streamline management of your printers and digital imaging, our managed print solutions can be of service.

Leasing Services

Not only do we offer office equipment solutions that won’t nickel and dime you, we offer unique financing solutions to help you purchase the equipment.

Secure MFP

Because MFPs and network printers function as complex network devices, we have developed several solutions that specifically address network security.

IT Services

We understand the full-cost impact of printer devices from all manufacturers. We’ll help your IT provider help you select an appropriate unit.